“As an undergraduate, Veloso envisioned a life devoted to archaeology. While in school, he worked in restaurants and filled in when the cook on archaeological digs took the occasional day off. In his spare time, he read Escoffier and Larousse, practicing the dishes that intrigued him. As Veloso was increasingly drawn to life in the kitchen, the study of archaeology and the past became a source of new culinary inspiration. He began to incorporate the dishes of earlier cultures into his repertoire, eventually trading in his spades and brushes for knives and pans and enrolling at Johnson & Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island. He went on to work for Douglas Rodriguez at Yuca in Coral Gables, Florida, and eventually ascended to the eatery’s top spot, helping to open a second location in Miami’s South Beach area. In 2000 he headed north to open the first iteration of Cuba Libre..” continue reading….

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Estas son algunas de las recetas de mi primo Guillo. El dice que algunos de los sabores tienen la influencia de la cocina de nuestra abuela en Puerto Rico. Algunas recetas son originales de Guillo, de la página del 2006 del Restaurante Cuba Libre.

These are some of the recipes by my cousin Guillo. He says that some of the flavors have been influenced by our grandmother’s cooking in Puerto Rico. Some of them are original recipes by Guillo he created for the Cuba Libre Restaurant, Miami, Florida in 2006.

A Day at Chef Guillo’s place:

More Recipes by Guillo found on news sites dedicated to great chefs:

  • Fried Rabbit by Guillermo Veloso: “Guillermo Veloso’s Cuban-accented cuisine includes this unusual dish in which rabbit is braised, then deep-fried. It is served with an avocado-studded salad and an unusual sauce which includes a touch of chocolate.

  • Cuban French Toast- YUCA Restaurant.This unusual version of French toast has its derivatives from Spain, and is really a scrumptious dessert. The Frangelico-laced mascarpone filling the brioche softens inside the bread as it fries. Chef Veloso serves it with spiced honey and ice cream, a treat in itself. The “turron” referred to in the recipe is the Spanish word for the candy more familiarly known as nougat.
  • “Shrimp and Plantain Torte by Guillermo Veloso” on @Vimeo